Boy Scout Troop 157
Weston, Massachusetts


First Class in the First Year

The goal of the Troop Committee and the Leaders of Troop 157 is to have all our scouts attain the rank of first class one year of their joining. With good attendance at Troop Meetings and Activities this is a very realistic goal. While the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class are awarded in order, scouts may work on the requirements for these three ranks simultaneously. These three ranks cover the core scouting skills.

Key points in attaining the rank of First Class:

  1. Scouts need to participate in 10 Troop Activities (5 for Second Class) since joining the Troop, excluding Troop Meetings. It is important to participate in as many activities as possible; many outdoor requirements can’t be done at the Troop Meetings. Also, the 10 activities requirement is almost always the hardest and the last completed for First Class.
  2. Three of these activities need to include camping overnight in a tent (one for each rank); since many of our winter trips include cabin trips, it is important to take advantage of the camping trips early in the year.
  3. Orienteering is typically offered through Knox Trail Council and NEOC and is coordinated through the Troop once each year in the fall, so it is important to attend this event.
  4. Swimming requirements are difficult for the troop to organize. These are good to do at summer camp. Alternatively, Knox Trail Council somewhat regularly offers a mid-winter swimming session that they announce and run; and the Troop can occasionally organize our own swimming sessions through qualified local volunteers.
  5. New cooking requirements include menu planning and food procurement, as well as functioning as head cook. Scouts and parents are encouraged to sign-up for a trip of their choice with the Troop Leaders.
  6. Community Service is required for rank advancement and is stressed by Troop 157. Participation in the Eagle Projects of the older scouts and the troop service events is very important.
  7. Plant and Animal Identification is difficult in the winter. Scouts are encouraged to pass these requirements on the Fall Nature Hike (done with a professional naturalist recently, Dr. Les Kaufman) or Early Camping Trips.
  8. Good Attendance and Attention at Troop Meetings and Activities will ensure that each scout masters the skills needed to earn the rank of First Class by June.