Boy Scout Troop 157
Weston, Massachusetts


Troop 157 Benjamin S. Brody Award Recipients

The Ben Brody Award is an annual award of Troop 157 given in memory of Ben Brody.  Ben was an active member of Troop 157, who earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 2000.  The Ben Brody Award is given annually at the Spring Court of Honor of Troop 157, by vote of an Award Selection Committee appointed by the Troop Committee.   The scout chosen for this award must be an active member of Troop 157, in the ninth through twelfth grades, who has demonstrated: sustained involvement in Troop activities; love of hiking, camping and backpacking; leadership by example; cheerfulness in the face of adversity; and living the values expressed in the Scout Oath and Law.


  Name Date Received
1. Benedict Baerst June 14, 2005
2. William Newell June 14, 2005
3. Geoff Smith June 13, 2006
4. Michael Wu June 12, 2007
5. Nicholas Haradhvala June 10, 2008
6. James E McLoughlin, IV June 10, 2008
7. William S. June 16, 2009
Ben Brody