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Adult Leadership and Volunteer Positions





Troop Committee Chair


Chartered Organization Rep.


Assistant Scoutmasters



​Advancement Chair

Camping Chair

Board of Review Coordinator

Court of Honor Coordinator

Eagle Coaches

Equipment Coordinator

Fundraising Co-Chairs

​​​​Legal Advisor


Merit Badge Coordinator

Merit Badge Counselors


New Member Coordinator


Parade/Ceremony Coordinator




Publicity Coordinator


Recruiting - Webelos



Scout Shop Runner

Scouting for Food Chair

​Service Coordinator


Supernova Awards Mentor

Trip Coordinators

Adult Leader

Matt Janchar

Tricia Tilford


Brian Kickham

Tim Gavin

Ben Anderson

Len Brown

Alex Coisman

Thomas Crutchfield

John Fitzgibbon

Joe Grocela

Eric Guardino

Doug Keene

Peter Shadday

Craig Tanny

Charles Tillen

​​Jim Steedle




Len Brown

Rich DeVito

Craig Tanny


Lori Glazier

Renae Shadday

Brian Kickham


Ben Anderson

Len Brown

Alex Coisman

Tim Gavin

Nancy Glaeser

Joe Grocela

Eric Guardino

Matt Janchar

Jim Steedle

Tricia Tilford

Charles Tillen






Tricia Tilford

Jim Steedle

John Fitzgibbon

Lori Glazier

Eric Guardino


Difficulty level: Leadership positions = 5, Chair = 4, Coordinator = 3, Committee = 2, Helper = 1

ADULT LEADERSHIP (Not formal members of the troop committee but advises the troop committee)


Scoutmaster (level 5, year round)

  • Responsible for working directly with the Scouts to help them create the program for the troop

  • Trains youth leaders to run the troop by providing direction, coaching, and support

Assistant Scoutmaster (level 4, year round)

  • Assists the Scoutmaster in delivering the troop program

Chartered Organization Representative (level 4, school year)

  • Serves as the direct contact between the troop and the chartered organization (Rotary Club of Weston and Wayland)

  • Serves as the organization's contact with the district committee and the local council

  • Obtains signatures on the Charter Renewal application and the Journey to Excellence form and submits to council

Troop Committee Chair (level 5, school year)

  • Chairs troop committee meetings and oversees the work of the troop committee

  • Appoints and supervises the troop committee and troop leaders

  • Oversees calendar planning and troop communications

  • Replies to inquiries from prospective families, leads parent orientation

  • Verifies that adults have current training

  • Completes Journey to Excellence reporting and Rechartering each December

Treasurer (level 4, school year)

  • Handles troop funds, pays bills, maintains accounts

  • Submits the Unit Money-Earning application to council for fundraisers

  • Creates annual budget

  • Establishes and maintains the PayPal account and works with the Webmaster to incorporate it into the website.

  • Updates signatories on bank accounts

Legal Advisor (level 3, school year)

  • Ensures troop forms, policies, procedures and practices conform with the standards of the Boy Scouts of America and applicable laws and regulations.

  • Reviews code of conduct and ensures reporting procedures are in place

  • Ensures money earning activities are in conformity with BSA standards

  • Reviews contracts before signed

Advancement Chair (level 4, school year)

  • Responsible for electronic record keeping of advancement (rank advancement, merit badges, tent nights, service hours)

  • Submits internet advancement reports

  • Prepares awards for distribution at the Courts of Honor

  • Works with the Court of Honor Coordinator to ensure Scouts are recognized for their accomplishments

Camping Chair (level 4, school year)

  • Oversees trip coordinators

  • Ensures monthly adventure program is offered

Troop Committee Members-at-Large (level 3, school year)

  • Regularly attend troop committee meetings

  • Assists the troop committee as needed



Board of Review Coordinator (level 2, school year)

  • Organizes the troop boards of review to ensure enough adults will be in attendance to conduct them

Court of Honor Coordinator (level 2, school year)

  • Works with the Advancement Chair to support the troop with the needs for the Court of Honor including Scout awards, program printing and refreshments

Eagle Coach (level 3, project based)

  • A registered adult leader who will support a Scout through the Eagle Scout service project process

Eagle Courts of Honor (level 3, school year)

  • Coordinates the planning, invitations, refreshments, etc. for the Eagle Courts of Honor

Equipment Coordinator (level 3, school year)

  • Works with the youth Quartermaster and is responsible for the purchase, inventory, storage, and maintenance of troop equipment

  • Orders Class B gear

  • Keeps supply of Class B t-shirts and gives one to each new Scout

Fundraising Chair (level 4, winter)

  • Leads the annual pasta dinner

Merit Badge Coordinator (level 3, school year)

  • Coordinates internal and external merit badge opportunities

  • Fills vacancies in troop merit badge counselors

  • Publicizes a schedule of internal merit badge opportunities

  • Publicizes external merit badge opportunities

Merit Badge Counselor (level 2, school year)

  • Registers as a member of BSA and completes BSA online training

  • Serves as a teacher and mentor to Scouts working on a merit badge in the counselor's area of interest and expertise

New Member Coordinator (level 2, school year)

  • Tells new families about the benefits of Scouting

  • Replies to inquiries from prospective families

  • Provides orientation to new families

Parade/Ceremony Coordinator (level 1, November and May)

  • Coordinates the troop's participation in the Weston Veterans Day ceremony and Weston Memorial Day parade

Photographer (level 1, school year)

  • Regularly attends events, takes candid shots and loads them to the website

Publicity Coordinator (level 2, school year)

  • Submits articles and photo captions for publication in the Weston Town Crier

Recruiting - Webelos (level 3, school year)

  • Coordinates with the PLC to host Webelos Scouting Adventure day

  • Assigns den chiefs to the Cub Scout pack

  • Coordinates with the Cub Scout pack for Boy Scouts to assist at pack events


Registrar (level 2, school year)

  • Helps new families complete the youth application and other joining paperwork

  • Obtains signatures on BSA adult applications and submits to council

Scout Shop Runner (level 1, school year)

  • Coordinates with Advancement Chair to purchase merit badges and awards from the Scout Shop

Scouting for Food Chair (level 3, fall)

  • Organizes routes for the annual food drive

  • Sorts and distributes materials to the Scouts

  • Delivers food to the food bank

  • Reports results to the council

Service Coordinator (level 2, school year)

  • Serves as the point of contact for organizations desiring service from the Scouts including Weston Winter Festival

  • Communicates service opportunities to the Scouts

  • Enters service hours into the Journey to Excellence website

Supernova Awards Mentor (level 2, varies)

  • Guides boys in STEM activities toward earning the Dr. Bernard Harris Supernova Award and the Thomas Edison Supernova Award

Trip Coordinators (level 2, varies)

  • Makes reservations and organizes trips including sufficient transportation needs

Ideally the troop has 10 trip coordinators (one for each month of September - June)

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